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Last Updated: Apr 07, 2015 02:52PM EDT
The NGP VAN Accelerator platform gives you the ability to customize and create menus. To view all types of menus, navigate to Structure > Menus. The two menu types you will commonly edit are "Main menu" and "Action Menu". To view the links associated with each menu type, click "list links" next to the menu type.

Add a menu link:

1. The main menu is the menu bar across the top of your page. It is the main menu of links to various parts of your website. These links can include 'Home', 'About', 'Contribute', ect. This page allows you to create new menu items and arrange their placement.

2. Click "Add link".

3. Enter the menu link title.

4. Enter the path. Here you may enter the link to the page. The link can be an internal path (ex. content/new-video) or the complete URL of an external webpage (ex. http://www.ngpvan.com).

5. Check/uncheck "Enabled" to make the menu item visible.

6. Show as expanded: This is only applicable to menu items with child links. Unchecked by default. You may select this option when you plan on having sub menu items nested below. 

7. Parent link: If creating a child link, select the parent link menu item from this drop-down.

8. You may set the weight of a menu item. 0 is default.

9. You can ignore "Menu item attibutes".

10. Click "Save".

11. Append "
admin/structure/menu/manage/main-menu" to the end of your site URL. Or navigate to Structure > Menus > Main Menu.

12. Set the menu item order. Top-Bottom = Left-Right across the top of your page. You may click and drag menu items to set the order and hierarchy.

13. Click "Save".
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