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Last Updated: Nov 06, 2013 01:19PM EST
Your NGP VAN Accelerator site uses a block structure to arrange content on your site. To view blocks, navigate to Structure > Blocks. This page provides a drag-and-drop interface for assigning a block to a region, and for controlling the order of blocks within regions. Since not all themes implement the same regions, or display regions in the same way, blocks are positioned on a per-theme basis. Remember that your changes will not be saved until you click the "Save blocks" button at the bottom of the page. Click the "configure" link next to each block to configure its specific title and visibility settings.

To add a new block:

1. Click "Add block".

2. Block title: The block title is visible to the front-end user. A title is not required.

3. Set a block description. A brief description of your block visible only to site administrators on the Blocks Administration Page.

4. Enter the content for the block in "block body". Using the editor window you may add content to the block. The controls function similarly to those found in any word processor or email editor.

5. To switch between plain/rich text editing, click "Switch to plain text editor".

6. Set the text format. Unfiltered is useful when embeding HTML code form social media (Ex. YouTube or flickr).

7. You may apply a CSS class to the block.

8. Set the region settings. In this section you can chose in which region the block displays. This can also be configured from the Block administration page.

9. Set visibility settings: In this section you can specify the visibility settings of a block. You may control on which pages the block is displayed, for which content type the block is displayed or for which user role the block is displayed.

10. Click "Save".
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