Create an issue statement

Last Updated: May 09, 2014 08:55AM EDT
To create an issue statement navigate to Content > Add Content > Issue Statement.

1. Title your statement. This can be something like "Jobs and the economy" or "Education".

2. Upload an image related to the issue. This is optional.

3. If you uploaded an image, caption it.

4. Summarize your issue using the editor window. This will appear as a "Teaser" of the issue.

5. Enter the full content of your issue in the Body window.

6. Edit options. You may not see all these options on every page, but here's what these different sections do. Most often they can be left to their defaults.
  • Menu Settings is used if you want to add this page to your menu. This can also be handled by editing your menu under the Structure option above.
  • URL path settings allows you to override the default URL by unchecking the 'Generate automatic URL alias' checkbox
  • Meta Tags allows you to override what gets shown when the page is shared on Facebook or Twitter (although Twitter requires your site to be whitelisted first).
  • Authoring Information allows you to set a publishing date (which will default to the first time you publish it if you leave it alone).
  • Publishing Options is really the most important tab, as it allows you to control whether this piece of content is available to the public.

Please note: Issues sort by content title (ascending order). If you'd like them sorted differently, please let support know.
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